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The Many Colors of Dreams

Funny things, dreams – they come in a variety of shapes and sizes; from sweet dreams or nightmares while you sleep, to an aspiration, goal, or hope when you are wide awake, thinking of your life that lies around the corner, on the horizon, or over the proverbial hill.

Sleepy-time dreams can be corny, like that time you dreamed you were riding on the back of a great white like it was a bucking bronco, wearing catcher’s gear, a straw hat with a yellow daisy on it, and a pair of hot pink Jimmy Choos; splashing over, under, around, and through waves made of blue Kool-Aid sprinkled with diamonds. You watch all this take place like you are watching a movie and it feels as normal as sitting on the front porch with a cup of tea. But then you wake up and try to decipher what it all meant, which you never do, but it makes for good party chatter.

Dreams can also feel so real, you actually feel the embrace of a loved one, hear them laugh, or hold their hand as if they are right there with you, and you wake up smiling, tingling, and laughing. That is my favorite kind of sleepy-time dream!

The Eyes Wide Open Kind

But, today, I’m focusing on the eyes wide open kind of dream; the what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up kind. People always say, “don’t get mixed up with a dreamer”. But, life would be quite boring and unprogressive if we didn’t have dreamers.

Dreamers see life in full, vibrant, living color!  They continually ask the what-ifs. They take risks and love to try new things. They are not quitters and are pros at picking themselves up and dusting themselves off. Dreamers refuse to settle for the status quo. They know that when you reach for the stars, you do, in fact, get a hand full of stardust if you fall short; and oh the things you can do with that stardust!

I think dreams are really desires that God places on our hearts that then become our passions. He so graciously also wires us with the talent, skills, and opportunities to attain them – in His time.

What Was Your Childhood Dream?C.S. Lewis

When we were kids, we had a pretty good idea about what we wanted to be when we grew up, didn’t we?

A nurse, doctor, teacher, astronaut, or President; for some of us, those dreams carried on into adulthood, and for others, they changed every year.

The good news is, dreams are not just for kids and they don’t necessarily stop changing when we reach adulthood – thank God! If they did, I’d be typing this on an old Remington –“knees touching, back straight, wrists elevated, no gum chewing.” I digress, and you would have received this in snail mail.

I wanted to be a stewardess when I was a kid; then my desire to help others kicked into full gear as I grew up, and by the time college rolled around, I wanted to be a social worker. Yet, my favorite classes in school were always English, creative writing, and poetry. Not once, however, did I ever say, I want to be a writer; that light bulb was yet to light up.

God Had Another Plan

God, being God, let me pursue the path I wanted to take for a while, but He still had HIS plan and, in hindsight, the marketing communications career I eventually ‘fell’ into clearly was not it! Sure, it helped to hone my writing skills, but didn’t do much for my passion to help others. I was happy though, so I thought I’d stick with it.

And then the dominos of God’s plan began to fall. My passion to help others overrode everything else in my life the day my brother, Bob, came to live with me. Our parents passed away and Bob, with many medical issues and Down Syndrome became the best roommate I’ve ever had! For almost seven years, my life was all about Bob as my career ended so I could care for him full time. My outlet during those years was – you guessed it – writing. The words just poured out!

Fantastic Bob is having a great old time in Heaven now, and here I am, the new 40, falling more in love with writing than ever, and seeking a way to use it to help others. I am standing on the corner of Writing Way and Helping Drive and I could not be more excited about my new dream!C.S. Lewis has it right, you know. You are never too old to dream a new dream. I can’t wait to see where this one takes me. Glad God has the lead, and you are with me to see just what that is waiting around the bend.

How about you? What’s your dream? Grab for it, and if you end up with stardust, well, that’s pretty darn wonderful too!

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8 thoughts on “The Many Colors of Dreams

  1. Sylvia Anderson on said:

    That was really great Suzi, love reading your writing. Keep up the great work.

  2. leslie m on said:

    Love your dream Suzi and your doing it! Inspiring! Congrats.

  3. Suzi, finally I got to “sit down and read” a minute. I love your blog. You are absolutely right about “awake dreams” – they are from our Lord and vital to moving forward in life for Him. Love Jackie

  4. Kathleen Moran on said:

    Hi Suzi,
    You have many beautiful gifts, including writing so eloquently. I enjoy your posts. Keep them coming! Your writings of dreamers hits close to home for me. As a high school student, the teacher I admired most told me that I am a dreamer and I should embrace it. It took me aback at the time, since unrelated to schoolwork, but he was right and it encouraged me at a time I needed it (which I don’t think he knew, or maybe he did). One sentence that changed my life. You are a true dreamer, as described in your post, and this world is lucky to have you in it!

    • Tears now, good ones though! Thank you so much Kathleen for your comment and, mostly for your friendship. So happy God crossed our paths!

      As a writer, feedback is so important; to know how our words touch someone, or inspire them, or conjure up a good memory. Thanks for sharing YOUR story!

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