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5 Tips for Stress Free Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas, stress, shopping, Babalot tennis bag

Photo: Flickr/Jan-Geirnaert/Malaysia

I absolutely love buying gifts for my peeps and watching, as paper and bows start flying, their faces light up as they lift the lid off that box and find the perfect gift nestled within.

The days preceding this happy event, however, may not always be the most wonderful time of the year. Ah, the holidays, all jammed into thirty days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, filled with non-stop cooking, baking, waiting in line, entertaining, shopping, waiting in line, wrapping, shipping, waiting in line, decking the halls, and maybe a few family members along the way, as time runs out and stress levels rise faster than the Three Kings Bread in the kitchen.

That is unless you have, a Game Plan……..

1. Shop Year ‘Round

How many times have you said to yourself, “my mom would love this; I’ll come back to get it for Christmas.” Wrong! Buy it! Take it home, wrap it up, and stash it in your ‘gift bin’!

Shopping now means less stress later; just make sure you know where you stash your stash.  Use a laundry basket or box to store the gifts you buy all year and keep it tucked away where you will be able to find it.

2.  Strategic Shopping

Make the wonderful worldwide web your favorite shopping destination and eliminate waiting in line, crabby cashiers, and elbows to the ribs while wading through crowded department stores. There are bonuses to shopping online:  many companies offer online only sale pricing, free shipping, gift wrapping, and will even ship your gift for you. Joy to the worldwide web!

3. Get Organized

Be sure you have everything you need for wrapping gifts stored all in one box – gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon, bows, tape, scissors, gift tags,

Wrapped Christmas Gift


sticky notes and colored markers, keeping rolls of paper close by. When you make a purchase, wrap it right away – paper only – label it with a sticky note so you know who it belongs to, and place it in your gift bin. Come Christmas time, all you will have to do is tape gift tags and bows onto your already wrapped gifts.

4. Shipping

If sending gifts out of town is on your to do list, buying smaller gifts that will fit in USPS priority mail boxes will make shipping less costly. Be prepared by bringing a marker, addresses, and tissue paper, in case you need to pad the box, to the post office with you. Mailing packages early will help to avoid the long holiday lines and post office mayhem. ‘Do Not Open until Christmas’ tags will, hopefully, keep the paper on until Christmas day.

5. Make a List

Ask for a wish list from family and friends now and create a gift list to carry with you for those unplanned mall excursions. If, like my family, getting a wish list is like pulling teeth (you know it’s true!), maybe these ideas will help.

Gift Ideas

chihuahua, Babalot tennis bag, tennis balls, dog

Merry Christmas!

Tennis Players: How about a Babalot tennis bag filled to the brim with all things tennis? Personalized towels, visors, tennis themed jewelry, a tennis lesson gift certificate, or – a puppy from your local shelter!!

Golfers: Fill a golfer’s trunk organizer with golf gear; personalized golf towels and ball markers, clothing, caps, or a gift certificate from their favorite course.

Home Chefs: Filling a Le Creuset Dutch oven with the latest kitchen gadgets would make any home chef smile.

Kids: Video games, board games, or money!


Client: Do It Tennis


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5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Stress Free Christmas Gift Giving

  1. Michelle Ramsey on said:

    I am lovin’ this !

  2. Sylvia Anderson on said:

    Those are great ideas that’s what I do starting now, I am already preparing. Hope you are well.

  3. I love the shopping year round idea and have been practicing that one for years. My husband and I do lots of travels and it’s fun to purchase gifts that have an interesting “story” behind them.

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