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5 Treats That Will Scare Away Stress

Stress rings everyone’s doorbell at some point or another, whether your porch light is on or not! A little or a lot, short or long term, stress causes our bodies to react, usually with a negative response.  C’mon, admit it, when you are stressed, you can be a bit more like a witch or Frankenstein than someone donning angel wings. You may scare away your family and friends, but the stress will still be there.

Setting aside time for yourself, whether it’s an hour a day, a full day, or a weekend, you can trick stress into thinking you’re not home. Then sit back, flap your angel wings, and enjoy all those delectable little Snickers bars all by yourself.

1. Take a hike, run, cycle, hit the gym, or walk the dog; exercise of any kind can reduce the effects of stress physically, mentally, and emotionally. Benefits range from the production of mood-elevating chemicals dopamine, serotonin and endorphins (known to generate feelings of euphoria), to the joy of social distraction when exercising with others.

2. My all-time favorite treat is a spa day! Even if it’s just for a facial or massage, that short time of serenity, peace, quiet and a lack of sensory overload is enough to make me sing all the way home! If you can swing it, take advantage of the other perks many spas’ offer; steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, or meditation room.

3. Escape into a really good book. Just be sure it’s not a self-help book or one that is related to what is causing you to be stressed in the first place. The trick is to turn your focus away from the things that are stressing you out. Don’t forget the tea, a good book always needs a cup of tea.

4. Nature nurtures. I don’t know what it is about the sound, smell, and beauty of the ocean; but there is no way I can be stressed out when I am sitting next to the wide expanse of the ocean. Maybe it’s sharing the joy of a seagull that just found a French fry, the wonder on a child’s face as they see a sand crab for the first time, or the pull of the waves carrying my stress out to sea. Maybe it’s the strength of God I see with the crashing of each wave on the sand, reminding me that my God is so much bigger than my problems ever could be. Whatever it is, the beach does it for me every time. For you it might be the mountains, a flower field, or the noise of a busy city street drowning out your stress; whichever makes your heart sing, find yourself there and say a little prayer (also a major stress releaser).

5. A good way to release some anger or to defuse hurt feelings caused by a friend or loved one, is to write them a letter and get your emotions on paper. Pounding the keys on your computer is an amazing stress reliever! The trick however is to never send it. Burn it, rip it up, or eat it – doesn’t matter, just don’t send it. These words are for your eyes only and it will do your heart some good.

Happy Halloween angel!


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