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How to Increase Your Carbon Footprint in 4 Easy Steps

It seems everything we do contributes to increasing our c-footprint, so enlarging it is a pretty easy thing to do. Some things, however, contribute more than others, and driving your car is at the top of the list.  So, if “going green” is not your thing, by all means follow these steps!

1- Don’t Carpool. Actually, I find that long, tedious commute to work all by myself a bit relaxing; don’t you? After all, you can listen to the music you want to listen to, you don’t have to engage in conversation with anyone but yourself, and no one will be sneezing on the back of your neck at wintertime. Sure, it gets lonely sometimes. A little lively conversation might be nice; sharing a cup of coffee on the way; yucking it up over the office Christmas party adventures… Well yeah, there is that break when you get to be the passenger, and the time does fly by even when the traffic doesn’t  OK, so your gasoline bill might be cut in half if you start or join a carpool, and you do get to drive in the carpool lane, which saves a bit of time, but don’t forget, carpooling will reduce your carbon footprint. Is all the fun and savings really worth it?

2- Don’t Ride the Rails. This mode of transportation pretty much follows the same train (pun intended) of thought as carpooling.  Granted, taking the train can be relaxing and productive, and many trains even run along a scenic route.  Fellow travelers are friendly enough, and now and then you can engage in a captivating conversation or two with them. Then there is all that commuter time you can use to read, get some work done, de-stress from the day before you get home to your loving family, or stare out the window and formalize a new dream; hard to do behind the wheel of a car.  But just think, if you simply drive that freeway every day, which runs near the train tracks, in the not too distant future, those train commuters won’t have such a scenic view!

3- Don’t Telecommute. Saving gas, wear and tear on your car, hours on the road in bumper to bumper traffic, and reducing your carbon footprint all at the same time. Hmmm…. I guess it would be nice to have more flextime, and to not have to get up as early to get all dressed up for the office, and to not have to sit by that annoying chatter box in the next cubicle all day. I hear productivity goes up as much as 35% when you work from home; wow, less interruptions and getting more done. I’ll bet I wouldn’t catch as many colds, either. Working in an office is like going to pre-school sometimes!  You know, it probably wouldn’t hurt to shrink my c-footprint just a bit for perks like these. Gasp! Did I say that out loud?!

4- Don’t Walk or Bike. Yes, the price of gas these days is exorbitant and swapping the comfort of your four wheel mode of transportation for two wheels – or worse, two feet – all in the name of saving the planet; well that’s just silly. By all means, don’t ride your bike or even consider walking instead of driving everywhere you want or need to go. I mean really, who needs to get more exercise or lose weight, and have you seen the price of sneakers these days?! Besides, you know what can happen to your knees with excessive cycling – I see a matching set of knee braces in your future!

Published November 2012

Client: Do It Tennis



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