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The 12 Days of Tennis Lessons


My Perfect Christmas Wish

Last year, about this time, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. We’ve been married for a long time and over the years seemed to be spending more time apart than together; he is into tennis, I am into shopping.

I thought about it for a couple of days and really wanted a gift that would bring us closer together; back to having more in common than the house and the kids, and something to encourage  togetherness. So, I decided to start playing tennis too! Just think – we would share all that time he spends on the tennis court together.  He could teach me to play; I could shop for cute little outfits and add a plethora of tennis bags to my accessory collection. It’s the perfect Christmas wish for both of us – or so I thought.

So excited about my Christmas wish, I tucked a note inside my husband’s briefcase and off to work he went. Pictures of his happy face danced in my head as I imagined him reading my wish. I just knew I would be getting an excited phone call any minute now. No call. As a matter of fact, all the way up to Christmas day – silence about anything that had to do with Christmas gift-giving.

Under the tree, on Christmas morning, sat a small box with my name on it. Jewelry, I thought, a bit dismayed. Don’t get me wrong, I love jewelry, but I really wanted the tennis lesson gift that I was sure would bring us closer together.

Much to my surprise, inside the little box, wrapped in tennis racquet adorned paper, was a note from my husband for 12 days of tennis lessons – with him. Yay! There is a Santa Claus!  I loved the reference to the 12 Days of Christmas; he’s so clever!

On the first day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a Do It Tennis gift card. Instead of going to the courts, we shopped for my first tennis racquet and went out to lunch.

On the second day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me two cans of pink tennis balls, a perfect match for my pink Prince Tennis racquet. He had to go to the office, but said my lessons will start soon! I love girly tennis things, don’t you?

On the third day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a tennis monogrammed check book cover so my new sport will always be top of mind, even when I am paying the electric bill. We never made it to the courts; his shoulder was sore that day. He went to the gym to work it out.

On the fourth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me the Wii Grand Slam Tennis game. He said he was working on a big project at work so we had to postpone the lessons, and it would be good practice for me until we can play together. I’ve never played tennis before, so I didn’t quite get it, but since it looked like he was going to have to work weekends for a bit, I gave it a shot.  I played twice; it was frustrating and I was beginning to re-think my wish.

On the fifth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a hot pink Maggie Mather super tote.  He said I can even use it for shopping or weekend getaways with the girls; he thinks of everything that man!

On the sixth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a Wimbledon travel package – wow! – A week in England. I’m so glad he bought me the super tote for all the shopping I was able to get in. He didn’t even mind that I didn’t attend all the games. Isn’t he the best husband?

On the seventh day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me the cutest cover for my iPhone; personalized with my name and crossed tennis racquets. He found it online at Girly-Twirly; they have super cute tennis gifts. He knows how much I love chatting and texting on my iPhone. I did mention to him that we were up to day 7 and I’ve yet to hit the courts with him; he committed to the next Saturday!

On the eighth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me my first tennis lesson! I swaggered onto the court in my cute little pink tennis outfit, stylin’ with my Maggie Mather tote; I looked like a pro! I didn’t want to get my pink tennis balls dirty, so we used my husband’s screaming yellow ones. It was quite stressful; the balls come at you as fast as a hummingbird and the more balls I missed, the faster they came. The worst part was it didn’t bring us together at all; he was way over on the other side of the court. How the heck is that supposed to promote togetherness?! After about an hour, he got one of his headaches. I sashayed all the way to the car in all my pinkness thinking, I like this part best.

On the ninth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me ‘the look’; the one that says, “Do I have to?” Just like the kids do when I tell them to clean their rooms.  Maggie and I went shopping.

On the tenth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a certificate for a sports massage. Really?  For all the tennis I was playing? He used it the next day.

On the eleventh day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a week at a tennis camp for adult beginner tennis players. He said we were too close for him to teach me how to play and I would learn so much more from a real teaching pro. I promptly exchanged it for a girly spa week in Napa.

On the twelfth day of tennis lessons my husband gave to me a romantic, candlelight dinner, a bouquet of beautiful long stemmed red roses, and his undivided attention; no kids, no work, just us. It was the best Christmas present I have ever received. He has continued to give me romantic dinners every month for a year. He calls it the 12 Months of Romance. He thinks courting your wife is so much better than taking your wife to the tennis court.  Togetherness; it’s what I wanted all along. What a guy!

Published December 2012

Client: Do It Tennis


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