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3 Steps to Making This Year’s Valentine’s Day the Best Ever

waiterHey girls – tired of the same Valentine routine year after year; flowers, maybe a funny card and dinner in a loud, crowded restaurant with cranky waiters rushing around like the place is on fire? Now, I’m not disparaging flowers or a night out, but it’s nice to change things up a bit, and see a tad more effort and originality now and then, don’t you think?

Men are, after all, men, and sometimes they need a little help when it comes to romance. If you want this Valentine’s Day to be the one you will chat up all year to your girlfriends, tweet or email this article to your man today. If you want to be sure he sees it, print it out, attach a “Please Read” or “Hint Hint” sticky note and put it where you know he will see it – under the remote or in the fridge.  Better yet, be bold and hand it to him!

Men, from here on out, this article is for you! You’ve heard the saying “Failure to plan is a plan to fail” right? A well-orchestrated Valentine’s Day takes a plan, albeit a small plan, but a plan nevertheless, and since 64% of American males do not make plans in advance for a romantic Valentine’s Day for their sweeties, I devised this easy to execute game plan, just for you her.  Start today, keep your eyes on the prize (and we all know what that is), and with a little effort and imagination on your part, I guarantee this will be the best Valentine’s Day ever – for both of you!

Step 1 – Say it with flowers. Did you know that giving flowers dates back to the 1700’s and were called the language of love? Today, flowers continue to ‘speak’ volumes and kudos to you men in the seventy-three percentile of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day.  Now, while 73% sounds pretty impressive, about 2.6 million of you will shop for your Valentine on your way home at the mini-mart as you pay for gas; really? Step 1A – Pay at the pump and stay out of the mini-mart; no girl wants the tired, old, half dead flowers that are left over at the gas station on Valentine’s Day night. This may take some planning, but here’s what you do; long stem red roses, no less than 12, no more than 24. Have them delivered, we girls love the element of surprise, and we really love the Oooo’s and Ahhh’s from everyone who sees this amazing symbol of love sitting on our desk or walking up to our front door. But you have to call today and put in your order. Every florist in town or on the web has a deal waiting just for you.

Step 2 – It’s all in the details.  Romance is a scary word to some of you, but it’s easier than you think. Don’t over-think it because it’s the minute details that warm our hearts.  Run into Staples on your lunch hour today and pick up a pad of heart shaped sticky notes. Write loving little messages on a handful; if you can’t think of anything cute or clever, just make them look like Sweetheart candy hearts – LOVE YOU, BE MINE,  TRUE LOVE, or MY GIRL; these little words have been melting the hearts of women since the Civil War, and they will still work for you today.  Then, the night before Valentine’s Day, hide the notes where she will find them the next day; in her makeup drawer, her underwear drawer, on the cereal box, inside the medicine cabinet, on the rearview mirror or steering wheel of her car, or in her purse. We girls are saps for this stuff!

Step 3 – Let’s talk dinner. It is expected that more than $52 million will be spent on food and wine on Valentine’s Day, which makes the restaurant industry very happy. Astonishingly, another $1.2 million will be spent bribing the host or hostess to get a table because someone didn’t make reservations. Tsk, tsk. How would you like to save some money and turn into Prince Charming for the night? There is nothing more sexy than a man in the kitchen – cooking. I can see where this might be cause for alarm if the only time you are in the kitchen is to grab a snack or drink from the fridge or to find out what time dinner will be ready. Don’t be dismayed, I’ve got you covered! Follow this easy, anyone can do it, Valentine dinner menu and you just might get dessert before dinner.  Trust me, if you don’t mind reading and following directions (the recipes), and know what measuring cups and spoons are, you can make this dinner. From the Sirloin Steak with Cognac Sauce to the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, you will shine like never before and your lucky lady will never feel so loved.

Speaking of shining, here is a bonus tip for you; no woman on earth has ever turned down a little bling, bling on Valentine’s Day; know what I mean?

Back to the ladies………… Have an exceptionally enchanting evening; you can thank me later.


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