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Skype Your Dog

by Chica

A new rap song? A new hip-hop singer?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But my super snoop investigative nose tells me something is up and I had better get on the case and find out what a Skype is.



A Little Back Story

My mom’s been acting a little strange lately. For the past couple of days, when she got home, she asked me about my day as usual; but it wasn’t “how was your day?” or “Did you miss me?”; you know, the usual human chatter. No, she’s been saying things like “what did you do with that big cookie you took off the counter this morning? You know that’s not for you.”, “what were you doing up on the couch?”, and “you know you’re not supposed to be barking at the cat in the window next door.” How does she know these things?! Did she ditch work for super snoop classes of her own?

The Jig is up!

As soon as the car left the driveway, my super snooper kicked into high gear. I sniffed every piece of furniture, every potted plant, and every counter top in the place. As soon as my four furry feet hit the desktop, I knew I had hit pay dirt! The computer was on and there I was in all my glory, standing on the desktop watching me, watching ME – rut row – busted again. She did take a surveillance class – that sneak!

My Mom’s New Trick

Figuring I was already in trouble for being on the desk, I started rummaging through a few folders and found this…….


And I thought I was the P.I. in the family! Looks like she called in a couple of recruits too, Angella Watterson and Rebecca Clark from The Thought Pantry – rats! Must be some kind of spy ring.

Where’s the trust, mom?! OK, I get it…. On the couch, Bogarting the big cookie, yappin’ at that &*%#!  cat, and now on the desk with papers and folders all over the floor. Sigh.

Who the heck is Sparky anyway? That’s what I want to know – the traitor! Well, at least I cracked the case, uncovered my mom’s secret, and discovered what a Skype is. I also figured out that this Skype guy can only see what’s in front of him. (Insert dastardly smile here.)

Now for a few games of my own; he he he he he……….

LaptopChica is a world class reporter and cover girl. Stay tuned for more of her captivating ‘tails’ of trick undercover work and investigative reporting.

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6 thoughts on “Skype Your Dog

  1. Lucye Christiansen on said:

    Adorable! I love reading a good mystery!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Lloyd Miller Jr. on said:

    Kill joy!


  3. Reblogged this on The Writer In Me and commented:
    This is too funny!

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