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Falling Under Autumn’s Magic Spell

landscape-trees-park-art-prints-autumn-fall-leaves-baslee-troutman-baslee-troutman-art-prints-natureHypnotizing isn’t it – autumn? As it creeps in unexpectedly with that faint cool breeze; gently fluttering the draperies and arousing goose bumps as it dances across your arms. Pages of an opened book left on the coffee table turn all by themselves as the cat meows its disapproval of being awakened from its sweet slumber in the sunny spot by the window. Did you hear that?! There it is, that first sound of falling leaves tumbling and twirling across the yard; announcing autumn’s arrival.


The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves

We have had our summer evenings

Now for October eves!

~ Humbert Wolfe

6 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

Every season brings its own traditions, yet fall’s golden blanket seems to conjure up a bit of magic that comforts the soul. Celebrating autumn’s arrival with a few of these tricks will make this autumn a real treat!

  1. Bake a batch of pumpkin bread, served warm with butter or sliced and toasted for breakfast the next day (the scent alone will warm your soul)
  2. Plan a trip to New England and experience the magnificent beauty of the fall leaves
  3. Support your NFL home team with football parties the weeks they play at home
  4. Fill the house with the soothing fragrance of simmering cider
  5. Get in the spirit and visit Salem, MA to celebrate Halloween proper

It’s not easy to escape autumn’s magical spell; breathing in the crisp, fresh air, snuggling up to campfires and hearth fires, biting into juicy caramel apples, and getting caught up in the warmth of family memory-making gatherings. Autumn pulls out all the tricks and treats us with a heart of thanksgiving.


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