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How to Plan an Imperfect Wedding

Which road will you choose?

Which road will you choose?

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. The quest to make that dream a reality, however, is often laced with stress, disappointment, and tears. Strive for imperfection and save yourself a lot of grief!



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Published: September, 2014

Client: Authors Connection

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Majestic Alaska ~ Much More Than a Port o’ Call

freedigitalphotos_RosemaryRatcliffAlaska is one of the most popular cruise destinations today; and for good reason. The scenery alone makes one hold their breath in awe. Yet Alaska is so much more than a magnificent view.

Spend your Alaska vacation on land and experience the wonders only Alaska affords.

5 Memory Making Alaska Adventures

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Published: September, 2014

Client: Authors Connection

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Give Your Lighting A Makeover With High Efficiency Bulbs!

photo credit digital art [2]Do you know how much energy you are utilizing every time you flip on a light switch? That all depends on the type of light bulbs you are using.


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Published: July, 2014

Client: Simple Home Energy

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Is Your Home An Energy Star?

photo credit Stuart Miles freedigitalphotos.netThe biggest reward of doing your part to save the planet  is in watching your savings grow with your efficiently watered front lawn. Making energy-efficient changes in your home saves money – pure and simple.

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Published: June 2014

Client: Simple Home Energy

Give Climate Change A Brake!

photo credit TeddyBear(picnic)

5 Steps You Can Take to Slow Down Climate Change

Climate change; described by Wikipedia as a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years… also referred to as ‘global warming’”.

Carbon pollution is the major contributor to climate change. Carbon pollution is created by:


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Client: Simple Home Energy

Published: May 2014

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5 Reasons Why Employing Energy Efficiency is Essential

photo credit domdeen freedigitalphotos.netWhy is the demand for electricity growing so rapidly in the U.S. today? Our ever-growing population, the installation of bigger televisions, multiple media components, and smart home technology are all constantly drawing on a home’s electricity supply. The downside is……


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Client: Simple Home Energy
Published: May 2014
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Retirement Undone

Retirement Undone photo

Retirement. Once defined as “the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work” has a whole new meaning among today’s Baby Boomers. Retirement no longer has a period next to it and no longer signifies an end to being a productive member of society. On the contrary, according to second act or encore career guru Mark Freedman, for more than 9 million Baby Boomers starting second careers, retirement signifies a whole new beginning.

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Client: Author’s Connection/Sit Better

Published: April 2014



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Thanksgiving Dinner Goes to the Dogs

thanksgiving-dog-dinnerSharing Thanksgiving’s bounty with the furrier members of the family may seem like quite a treat for them. But the usual Thanksgiving fare can be harmful to your pet. Keep your dog safe by making a few small adjustments to his/her menu that will better suit your dog’s palette and tummy.

  1. Be sure to remove the skin from the turkey you give your dog and don’t cover it with heavy, fat laden gravy. Otherwise, turkey is really good for dogs.
  2. If your pet isn’t used to people food, just add a little turkey and plain vegetables to their regular dog food.
  3. Dairy, salt, pepper, and herbs may be too much for your dog to handle. While preparing your family’s vegetables dishes, set aside some cooked potatoes, carrots, or sweet potatoes before adding anything to them. Keep it plain and simple.
  4. Believe it or not, turkey bones are not good for dogs. They are hollow inside and splinter easily when chewed. If your dog swallows a sharp piece of broken bone, it can perforate his/her intestinal tract or cause a blockage.
  5. Desert – sometimes the best part of Thanksgiving dinner! Pumpkin is very good for dogs, but not when baked in a pie with dairy and spices. Baked pumpkin or canned pumpkin puree (no pie spices) will be a good alternative. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top; it has many health benefits for dogs and people.

Veterinarians report an increase in canine digestive issues after the holidays from shared family meals. Make it a safe and yummy Thanksgiving for the whole family by following these 5 easy tips or purchasing pre-packaged, healthy dog food.

Published: November 2013

Client: Vintage Nursery

Concierge Medicine – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Photo Credit: Grant Cochrane/FreeDigitalPhoto

Photo Credit: Grant Cochrane/

When it comes to longevity and maintaining a healthy body, being all about the money and less about the quality of care is not always a winning solution.

Soon the Affordable Care Act will be in full swing. Is this the elixir our healthcare system really needs? Some say yes; others are skeptical. But where the rubber meets the road, it takes three to nine months or longer to get in to see a doctor for ten minutes, the conclusion is pretty obvious.

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Client: Author’s Connection/Physicians Group Management

Published: November 2013

6 Tips to Help Your Dog Stay Cool This Summer

dog in sunglasses

If your dog is used to being in the yard all day, take heed; heat stroke is an all too common cause of death among the four-legged members of our families. Tweaking your routine for the summer is easier than you think…….

Early morning walks. Exercise is important for your dog’s well-being year round. But hitting the trails in 100+ degrees is not good for either of you. If you usually walk twice a day, leave a little earlier in the morning and extend the walk. Then shorten the evening walk or skip it all together on the hottest of days.

Water, water, and more water. Each morning fill your dog’s water bowl with clean, cool water. As the day heats up, replace the warmer water in outdoor water bowls with fresh, cool water or throw a couple of ice cubes into the bowl. Keeping outdoor bowls in the shade helps as well. Empty the bowl at night and wash it once a week to deter moss growth and mosquitoes.

Too hot for you means too hot for them.Once it hits 110 degrees, let’s face it, no one wants to be outdoors, even in the shade. That is especially true for our furry friends. Dogs cool themselves by panting; replacing their warm body temperature for cool air. When the outside air is not significantly cooler than the dog’s body temperature, their natural cooling system will not work and heat stroke can occur. The desert heat can be brutal and deadly for pets. Bring your dog inside and share the A/C love.

Take the plunge! Most dogs love to swim. If you have a pool, super! If not, setting up a small kiddie pool for them to splash around in (in clean, cool water) is always a treat on warm days. Like the water bowls, empty the pool when not in use to avoid mosquitoes and a slimy green bottom. Tip: keep your dog’s nails trimmed and have a patch kit on hand.

We all scream for ice cream. There is nothing like a frozen treat on a hot day. Dogs think so too. Making frozen doggie treats is easy and your dog will love you even more; if that’s even possible. Dog Tripper has some great recipes for easy to make pooch-smoothies and pupsicles.

Ahhh… Dogs love to lay on cool surfaces. Keeping your dog clean and cool is easier on a Cool Pet Pad; a gel pad that absorbs your dog’s body heat, or Cooleroo Dog Beds; an elevated bed that keeps your dog off the hard ground and allows air to flow beneath their body, keeping them cooler.

A cool dog is a happy, healthy dog.

Tweak away!

Published: September 2013

Client: Vintage Nursery

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