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Retirement Undone

Retirement Undone photo

Retirement. Once defined as “the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work” has a whole new meaning among today’s Baby Boomers. Retirement no longer has a period next to it and no longer signifies an end to being a productive member of society. On the contrary, according to second act or encore career guru Mark Freedman, for more than 9 million Baby Boomers starting second careers, retirement signifies a whole new beginning.

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Published: April 2014



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Falling Under Autumn’s Magic Spell

landscape-trees-park-art-prints-autumn-fall-leaves-baslee-troutman-baslee-troutman-art-prints-natureHypnotizing isn’t it – autumn? As it creeps in unexpectedly with that faint cool breeze; gently fluttering the draperies and arousing goose bumps as it dances across your arms. Pages of an opened book left on the coffee table turn all by themselves as the cat meows its disapproval of being awakened from its sweet slumber in the sunny spot by the window. Did you hear that?! There it is, that first sound of falling leaves tumbling and twirling across the yard; announcing autumn’s arrival.


The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves

We have had our summer evenings

Now for October eves!

~ Humbert Wolfe

6 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

Every season brings its own traditions, yet fall’s golden blanket seems to conjure up a bit of magic that comforts the soul. Celebrating autumn’s arrival with a few of these tricks will make this autumn a real treat!

  1. Bake a batch of pumpkin bread, served warm with butter or sliced and toasted for breakfast the next day (the scent alone will warm your soul)
  2. Plan a trip to New England and experience the magnificent beauty of the fall leaves
  3. Support your NFL home team with football parties the weeks they play at home
  4. Fill the house with the soothing fragrance of simmering cider
  5. Get in the spirit and visit Salem, MA to celebrate Halloween proper

It’s not easy to escape autumn’s magical spell; breathing in the crisp, fresh air, snuggling up to campfires and hearth fires, biting into juicy caramel apples, and getting caught up in the warmth of family memory-making gatherings. Autumn pulls out all the tricks and treats us with a heart of thanksgiving.

Skype Your Dog

by Chica

A new rap song? A new hip-hop singer?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But my super snoop investigative nose tells me something is up and I had better get on the case and find out what a Skype is.



A Little Back Story

My mom’s been acting a little strange lately. For the past couple of days, when she got home, she asked me about my day as usual; but it wasn’t “how was your day?” or “Did you miss me?”; you know, the usual human chatter. No, she’s been saying things like “what did you do with that big cookie you took off the counter this morning? You know that’s not for you.”, “what were you doing up on the couch?”, and “you know you’re not supposed to be barking at the cat in the window next door.” How does she know these things?! Did she ditch work for super snoop classes of her own?

The Jig is up!

As soon as the car left the driveway, my super snooper kicked into high gear. I sniffed every piece of furniture, every potted plant, and every counter top in the place. As soon as my four furry feet hit the desktop, I knew I had hit pay dirt! The computer was on and there I was in all my glory, standing on the desktop watching me, watching ME – rut row – busted again. She did take a surveillance class – that sneak!

My Mom’s New Trick

Figuring I was already in trouble for being on the desk, I started rummaging through a few folders and found this…….


And I thought I was the P.I. in the family! Looks like she called in a couple of recruits too, Angella Watterson and Rebecca Clark from The Thought Pantry – rats! Must be some kind of spy ring.

Where’s the trust, mom?! OK, I get it…. On the couch, Bogarting the big cookie, yappin’ at that &*%#!  cat, and now on the desk with papers and folders all over the floor. Sigh.

Who the heck is Sparky anyway? That’s what I want to know – the traitor! Well, at least I cracked the case, uncovered my mom’s secret, and discovered what a Skype is. I also figured out that this Skype guy can only see what’s in front of him. (Insert dastardly smile here.)

Now for a few games of my own; he he he he he……….

LaptopChica is a world class reporter and cover girl. Stay tuned for more of her captivating ‘tails’ of trick undercover work and investigative reporting.

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Play with Your Food

The best part about being an adult is sometimes getting to break a rule or two. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard “don’t play with your food” as a kid.  Time to throw that one out, get your hands in there, be creative, and impress your friends with your art d’ cuisine!

This Ladybug Appetizer recipe is from Taste of Home. My friend Lauren Weissenberger made it for us one night and I have to say, it was quite yummy and fun to eat!

ladybug appetizer

2 ounces cream cheese, softened

2 tablespoons sour cream

Black paste food coloring

1/2 teaspoon minced chives

1/8 teaspoon garlic salt

1/8 teaspoon minced fresh parsley

36 butter-flavored crackers

18 cherry tomatoes, quartered

18 large pitted ripe olives

72 fresh chive pieces (about 1-1/2 inches long)

In a small bowl, beat cream cheese and sour cream until smooth. Remove 1 tablespoon to a small bowl and tint black. Place tinted cream cheese mixture in a small plastic bag; set aside.

Add the chives, garlic salt and parsley to the remaining cream cheese mixture. Spread over crackers. Arrange two tomato quarters on each for the ladybug wings. For heads, halve the olives width wise; place one half on each cracker. Insert two chives into olives for antennae. Use tinted cream cheese mixture to pipe spots onto wings. Yield: 3 dozen.

Nutrition Facts: 1 serving (3 each) equals 86 calories, 6 g fat (2 g saturated fat), 7 mg cholesterol, 187 mg sodium, 8 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 1 g protein.

Don’t stop here! There is so much more fun to have……

Have some art d’ cuisine of your own? Please share!!!


Strawberry fish

Fruit palm trees

fish plate

Butterfly snack

3 Steps to Making This Year’s Valentine’s Day the Best Ever

waiterHey girls – tired of the same Valentine routine year after year; flowers, maybe a funny card and dinner in a loud, crowded restaurant with cranky waiters rushing around like the place is on fire? Now, I’m not disparaging flowers or a night out, but it’s nice to change things up a bit, and see a tad more effort and originality now and then, don’t you think?

Men are, after all, men, and sometimes they need a little help when it comes to romance. If you want this Valentine’s Day to be the one you will chat up all year to your girlfriends, tweet or email this article to your man today. If you want to be sure he sees it, print it out, attach a “Please Read” or “Hint Hint” sticky note and put it where you know he will see it – under the remote or in the fridge.  Better yet, be bold and hand it to him!

Men, from here on out, this article is for you! You’ve heard the saying “Failure to plan is a plan to fail” right? A well-orchestrated Valentine’s Day takes a plan, albeit a small plan, but a plan nevertheless, and since 64% of American males do not make plans in advance for a romantic Valentine’s Day for their sweeties, I devised this easy to execute game plan, just for you her.  Start today, keep your eyes on the prize (and we all know what that is), and with a little effort and imagination on your part, I guarantee this will be the best Valentine’s Day ever – for both of you!

Step 1 – Say it with flowers. Did you know that giving flowers dates back to the 1700’s and were called the language of love? Today, flowers continue to ‘speak’ volumes and kudos to you men in the seventy-three percentile of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day.  Now, while 73% sounds pretty impressive, about 2.6 million of you will shop for your Valentine on your way home at the mini-mart as you pay for gas; really? Step 1A – Pay at the pump and stay out of the mini-mart; no girl wants the tired, old, half dead flowers that are left over at the gas station on Valentine’s Day night. This may take some planning, but here’s what you do; long stem red roses, no less than 12, no more than 24. Have them delivered, we girls love the element of surprise, and we really love the Oooo’s and Ahhh’s from everyone who sees this amazing symbol of love sitting on our desk or walking up to our front door. But you have to call today and put in your order. Every florist in town or on the web has a deal waiting just for you.

Step 2 – It’s all in the details.  Romance is a scary word to some of you, but it’s easier than you think. Don’t over-think it because it’s the minute details that warm our hearts.  Run into Staples on your lunch hour today and pick up a pad of heart shaped sticky notes. Write loving little messages on a handful; if you can’t think of anything cute or clever, just make them look like Sweetheart candy hearts – LOVE YOU, BE MINE,  TRUE LOVE, or MY GIRL; these little words have been melting the hearts of women since the Civil War, and they will still work for you today.  Then, the night before Valentine’s Day, hide the notes where she will find them the next day; in her makeup drawer, her underwear drawer, on the cereal box, inside the medicine cabinet, on the rearview mirror or steering wheel of her car, or in her purse. We girls are saps for this stuff!

Step 3 – Let’s talk dinner. It is expected that more than $52 million will be spent on food and wine on Valentine’s Day, which makes the restaurant industry very happy. Astonishingly, another $1.2 million will be spent bribing the host or hostess to get a table because someone didn’t make reservations. Tsk, tsk. How would you like to save some money and turn into Prince Charming for the night? There is nothing more sexy than a man in the kitchen – cooking. I can see where this might be cause for alarm if the only time you are in the kitchen is to grab a snack or drink from the fridge or to find out what time dinner will be ready. Don’t be dismayed, I’ve got you covered! Follow this easy, anyone can do it, Valentine dinner menu and you just might get dessert before dinner.  Trust me, if you don’t mind reading and following directions (the recipes), and know what measuring cups and spoons are, you can make this dinner. From the Sirloin Steak with Cognac Sauce to the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, you will shine like never before and your lucky lady will never feel so loved.

Speaking of shining, here is a bonus tip for you; no woman on earth has ever turned down a little bling, bling on Valentine’s Day; know what I mean?

Back to the ladies………… Have an exceptionally enchanting evening; you can thank me later.

Email P’s & Q’s

email-logoStrong communication is key in any business; today, one of the most used forms of communication is email, which now exceeds telephone use as the dominant form of business communication.  Not unlike the art of letter writing, electronic communication comes with its own rules of decorum. Following the simple guidelines listed here, in your business, as well as your personal life, will ensure you are perceived as professional, considerate, and intelligent.

When composing your email, picture yourself speaking face to face or on the phone with the recipient, imparting a human element to your communication. Please and thank you go a long way, so minding your P’s & Q’s is just as important when utilizing the written word.

Always start your email with a courteous greeting and be sure you spell the recipient’s name correctly. Just as important is the use of appropriate punctuation and typing in complete sentences. Email is not to be confused with texting; one, two, or three letter words in place of spelling out the entire word are not acceptable. Your email message reflects not only you, but your business. Utilizing appropriate punctuation will also ensure your message is clear to the reader. For example: A woman, without her man, is nothing.  A woman: without her, man is nothing.

Common courtesy dictates you respond to emails from others in a timely manner. If you cannot respond to an email promptly, at the very least, email back confirming your receipt and when the sender can expect your response, then follow up on time.

I highly recommended you never send an email you have not put through the spell check process. Remember, your goal is to look intelligent! Keep emails brief and to the point, and ensure all relevant details necessary to understand your point of view are included.  This will eliminate the possibility of a round robin string of emails for clarification and will save everyone time.

To provide easy sifting through a barrage of emails for the recipient, and to keep your email out of the dreaded spam folder, be sure to utilize the ‘Subject’ field accurately, stating the content of your email or a requested action, i.e. “FOR APPROVAL” or “SCHEDULING REQUEST”. This will also ensure your email is opened and not considered as an email from a hacked account.  Feel free to modify the Subject field if necessary to more accurately reflect a conversation’s direction if it changes during the succession of the conversation.

In formatting your email, remember that first letter capitalization is just as important as it is in formal letter writing. An email sent in all lower case letters gives the perception of a lack of education or laziness, and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IS PERCEIVED AS SHOUTING.  Many people are reading their email from a small smart phone screen; therefore, using short paragraphs, blank lines between each paragraph, and breaking out multiple points or questions as numbered items in all email correspondence will be helpful to the reader.

BCC; everyone’s BFF! It seems nothing is private these days, yet privacy is something everyone appreciates you take seriously.  When addressing your email to several individuals at the same time, utilizing the BCC feature to protect their email address from being published to those they do not know is vastly appreciated. This is a serious privacy issue. If necessary, place your own email address in the ‘To’ field.  When forwarding an email, always edit out all the “>>>>forwarding”, other email addresses, and commentary from all the other forwarders before you. It’s also helpful to add a personal comment to the person or people you are forwarding to at the top of your email.

Always end your emails with a proper ending; “Thank you”, “Best regards”, “See you on the golf course” – something! Formality reflects respect. You would not hang up the phone without saying good-bye, right?

Another courtesy to the sender is to add your contact information under your signature: business address, web site, and phone number. This will make it easier for the reader to explore your business or contact you via telephone, if necessary, without taking the time to search for you.

As in all areas of life, the Golden Rule applies to email communications as well; email unto others as you would have them email unto you!

Client: Vintage Nursery


The Gift of You: 7 Easy to Integrate Mother-Daughter Traditions


Travel back to when you were a little girl. What was the thing you wanted most from your parents? Sure there was that cute little puppy you saw at the pet store with your mom, a new Barbie, or that life-sized doll house for the back yard; but most of all, you wanted to hang with your mom, studying her every move so you could be just like her. How many times did you ask if you could go to work with her, go grocery shopping with her, or cook dinner with her? How many times does your daughter ask the same of you? Times change, but the heart of a little girl remains the same.

Whether it’s playing office executive making a presentation to her stuffed animals and dolls in her dress-up suit, wearing mommy’s heels, or swaggering on to the tennis scene with matching gear; time with mom is what it’s all about. Hence, the juggling begins.

How do you juggle being an executive with 40+ hour weeks, and grow up a little girl who is secure in her mother’s love? The answer, time; fleeting as it is, it’s the best gift you can give your daughter, or anyone, really.

I can feel your stress register going up a notch already. Time; there is only so much of it in a day. True, but you’re a smart business woman with superior time management skills, right? You know how to work your way around a board room, and, with a few easy tips, you can work your way into your daughter’s heart too. Keyword – traditions; start one, build upon one, and nurture one. Your daughter will remember the special times she spent with mom for the rest of her life, and just might carry your mommy and me tradition on with her own daughter someday.

Mother-Daughter traditions can be as easy as planting flowers in the garden together every spring or volunteering at a charity that holds a special place in your hearts, to any one of the ideas here. Try one or two of these and see where you land. You’ll know the perfect tradition to share once you get there.

1.) One night a week, dinner out, just the two of you. You’ll be surprised at how fast she gets her homework done when she knows she gets to have a private dinner with mom. Presentation: Make a colorful, fancy certificate or coupon for “Dinner out, every Wednesday – just us girls”, put a start date on it (the first Wednesday in January) and wrap it up.  Make it as important and special as this gift is.

2.) A once a month shopping day. Now this is something you would do anyway, with or without your daughter, so it will be easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. She will have a blast helping you pick out your next power suit and will love your input on her school clothes choices as well. Presentation:  Wrap up a small Day-Timer style calendar in a color and style she will like. Once a month write“Shopping Day with Mom” in one of the squares; be consistent, the last Saturday of the month for example. Enclose a gift card for your first shopping day together.

3.) Start a family tree scrapbook. Not only will this be fun, she will learn all about her heritage at the same time. Work on it once a week and tell her a new ‘before her time’ story to make it even more fun! Presentation: Purchase a scrapbook organizer and fill it with all the supplies you will need to get started. Enclose old family photos of your daughter’s grandparents, aunts or uncles. Attach a baby photo of her to the outside of the wrapped gift as the gift tag.

4.) Girly Night In – Make a big bowl of popcorn, rent an age-appropriate movie with a happy ending or a positive life lesson that you can talk about after the movie. Don’t forget the movie candy too! Presentation:  Wrap a large enough box with red and white stripped paper, simulating old-time movie popcorn boxes, and fill the box with a mason jar of popcorn kernels,  personalized popcorn bowls with “Girly Night In” or your names on them, and a DVD or two that you will watch together.

5.) Mani-Pedi day! What little girl or teen doesn’t enjoy a day at the salon or spa? What one of us women doesn’t either, for that matter! Also something you may already be doing on a regular basis, which makes this tradition an easy one to get started. On your way to the salon, stop for hot cocoa to go; extra whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle please!  Once you are sitting in that comfy, big chair and your tired feet are soaking in the warm, soothing bubbly water, clink your cups together with a resounding “cheers!” and while your feet are getting nice and toasty, warm your soul with cocoa and love. The smile may never leave your daughter’s face. Presentation: A year’s worth of salon gift certificates nestled between a few bottles of fun, sparkly nail polish. This is also a good stocking stuffer.

6.) Cooking lessons. Whether professionally taught, or taught by you, cooking and eating a meal together is a great bonding experience for anyone. Presentation: Purchase matching aprons, preferably with a pocket, and fill the pocket with a few kid-sized utensils; a whisk, wooden spoon, and measuring spoons or cups. If you are going for professional classes, add a gift certificate for the classes as well, and arrange it all in a large mixing bowl with a child’s cook book. Pick a Mommy and Me dinner night and make a special dinner for the family, just the two of you.

7.) Exercise together. This, good for both of you tradition, is a win-win. You will have an outlet to
relieve the stress of the day, and your daughter will expend some energy. You will both be in better health and great shape!  How about tennis? You can take lessons together and practice together once or twice a week, as most tennis courts are lighted for nighttime play, and then grab some take-out on the way home. Find another mother-daughter team for doubles; make it a Saturday play date, go out to lunch afterwards – together (the operative word). Presentation: Buy matching 40 Love Courture tennis bags. Made in the USA and customizable, you can both hit the courts in high style. You can be completely matchy-matchy with black and white daisy print tennis bags, or choose an animal theme; elephants or giraffes for her, and a Swarovski crystal studded cheetah or zebra print for you; nothing wrong with a little bling for mommy, eh?

We are all overwhelmed and busy, especially at this time of year. Nevertheless, there is always a modicum of time that can be carved out or ‘tweaked’ to include your daughter. How about it mom? Give your daughter the Christmas gift she REALLY wants – time with you.

Published January 2013
Client: Do It Tennis
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This is for the Birds!


Birds, the original tweeters, always appreciate a little help finding food during the cold winter months. The joy these feeders provide are not just for the birds; hang your feeder in a tree by the window, and you too will be blessed with watching the many birds enjoy their dinner!


3 cups birdseed

2 –   1/4 ounce packets of Knox unflavored gelatin

3 – 5 inch cookie cutters (hearts, stars, birds, houses)

1 plastic drinking straw cut into thirds

Twine or ribbon

Sprinkle two packages of gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water. Set aside until gelatin absorbs the water.  Heat 1 3/4 cups water in a saucepan; add the gelatin mixture and stir until all the gelatin is dissolved. Add 3 cups of birdseed and stir until well coated.

Set aside until cool enough to handle.

Spray the  inside of the cookie cutters and a cookie sheet with Pam spray. Place the cookie cutter on the cookie sheet and fill with the birdseed mixture, packing it in tightly and smoothing the top. Place a piece of straw at the top creating a hole for the twine. Be sure the straw is pushed all the way through.

Allow the mixture  to harden for 2-3 hours, then gently remove the straws and the feeders from the cookie cutters. Place upside down on a piece of waxed paper and allow to completely harden overnight.

Add the twine or ribbon,  hang your feeders outside and wait for the party to begin!

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions Family Style

New Year's Resolutions, family, kids, list

January is almost here; that time of year when we take a step back, a deep breath after all the holiday hub-bub, and ponder. What did I accomplish in 2012? What things do I want to achieve in 2013? And the New Year’s resolutions list begins; yet by January 20th, 80% of our good intentions are dropped, and 92% of our resolutions are not kept at all. It seems the only resolution we keep is to make New Year’s resolutions every January! Why is that? We want to stop bad habits, we want to improve ourselves, and we want to do it by the end of the year! Here’s what I think……

Accountability – the key to success
Think about it – when we make resolutions, we usually make them for ourselves, by ourselves. We are not held accountable, as most often our resolutions are not shared, and if they are, they are forgotten, even our own, as soon as our list is tucked away. Accountability is key, and who better to keep you accountable than your family, kids included? It’s never too early to learn about the importance of commitment, reaching goals, and the satisfaction of achievement. As a matter of fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics created a list of healthy resolutions, starting as young as preschool age.

A family that plans together; stands together
To make this new tradition of family declarations a success, the kids, depending on their age, will need daily or weekly reminders of their pledges, and at a 92% failure rate, it looks like we do, too! Sit together as a family and talk about the things each of you would like to start, accomplish, or change personally in the New Year. Maybe mom wants to lose 20 pounds by summer, dad wants to improve his tennis game, your five year old might strive to brush his/her teeth twice a day, your teen might want to save to buy a car this year. Keep the lists short, specific, and realistic; otherwise you will all be overwhelmed, frustrated, and lose interest.

Set up a weekly or monthly reward system for each goal. This will help to keep everyone motivated; yes, you, too! Mom might get a latte after losing five pounds, dad might get that Wilson tennis racquet he’s been wanting after he wins five games in a row, your five year old gets extra TV time for reaching his teeth brushing goal every day for a week, and your teen might get what every teen wants – money – after saving 10% of his income for his car.

15 Resolution ideas for kids

Make it fun and easy and don’t list too many. Mix it up with daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

1- I want to learn to ride a two wheeler by ___
2- I want to read better by ___
3- I will brush my teeth after breakfast and before bed every day
4- I will not tease the dog/my sister
5- I will walk the dog every day after school
6- I will go to bed when I’m told without a fuss
7- I will not watch TV or play video games until all my homework is finished
8- I will taste 1 new veggie a week
9- I will not talk to strangers online or in person
10- I will say please and thank you
11- We will eat dinner together as a family every night
12- I will keep my room clean
13- I will not text and drive
14- I will help mom make dinner
15- I will use kind words with everyone

How to stay on track
Once everyone is in agreement, create weekly charts listing each task with a place to check it off when it is completed, and then post them on the refrigerator or family bulletin board so everyone can track his/her progress. If you are more of a tech- family, check out Goal for it [dot] com. Here you can create colorful, customized charts for each member of the family and make it easy for everyone to track his/her progress online; you will be able to print the charts at the end of the week to discuss as a family. This site will also help you set up a rewards tracking program kids can understand and enjoy. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

At the end of each week, discuss triumphs and/or defeats as a family over dinner; celebrate the wins, and offer support and tweaking where needed. The key is to hold each other accountable as a family. The bonus will be the togetherness this practice will foster and the satisfaction of being one of the 8% that actually holds true to his/her resolutions. Yaaay you!

Published December 2012

Client: Do It Tennis

Oh Gee, a Tie!!

Wilson tennis bag, Christmas shopping, gifts for  him

10 Christmas Gifts Sure to Please and Surprise Your Man

Really ladies; how many ties, belts, pairs of slippers, and PJs does a man need? Between Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, and anniversaries, he could probably open his own shop! When your shopping list is long, and time to shop is short, grabbing that pair of slippers and a tie on the way to the register is almost all you can muster. I get it!

How about a little help this year?

1- Men’s Soft-shell Heated Jacket

Wrapped up in a shirt box, this lightweight jacket from Sharper Image will keep him toasty on the coldest of winter days with built-in heated panels that radiate from one to four levels of heat. Fully charged, he will enjoy 10 hours of amazing warmth.

2-  Brera Orologi Watch

Good things come in small packages, and that could not be truer of this elegant series of watches from Italy. Featuring state-of-the-art materials coupled with extraordinary craftsmanship, any man would be delighted to sport a Brera Orologi watch!

3- Stainless Steel Pocket Compass

Tailored after an old-fashioned pocket watch and adorned with a world map inside the lid, engrave his initials on the front and this gift will make it a timeless family heirloom handed down from generation to generation. Crafted in the Scottish Highlands, this high-quality compass will continually guide him from mountain top back to you – his true north.

4- Golf Swing Video Recorder

If scoring a 72 on the green is on your guy’s bucket list, mounting this hands-free recorder to his golf bag might just be the gadget to help him check that one off the list.  Recording every swing from head to toe for play back through the built-in screen while on the course or through your TV or his computer will help him make the necessary adjustments he needs to improve his game.

5- The Babolat Play and Connect Interactive Tennis Racquet

Every man on earth is always looking for ways to improve his sporting abilities. If your man is a high-tech loving tennis enthusiast, this gift is sure to knock his socks off! Embedded with a sensor in the handle, instant stats are downloaded over a wireless connection for review later on his computer or on the spot over his smartphone.

6- Wireless earbuds

What a great stocking-stuffer for the music loving jogger in the family. These no more tangles earbuds connect to any iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, or Bluetooth enabled device from up to 32 feet away. Hands and wireless free, you just might want a pair of these for yourself!

7- 700G Plush Robe for Men

Just as he is stepping out of the shower or the hot tub, wrap him up in the pure luxury of Turkish cotton. Thick, absorbent, and oh so soft, he won’t be able to wait to put this robe on. You know what that means? Quicker showers for him, more bathroom time for you!

8- Wilson Tennis Bag Premium Leather Series

Crafted in full-grain, native Texas steer leather with premium hardware embellishments, swaggering onto the courts sporting this tennis bag will give every other player on the courts bag envy.

 9- Portable Wood Fire Grill

Tailgating doesn’t get any better than this with steaks perfectly seared over a wood fire. I can smell the smoky flavor already! Made for tabletop use, the grill heats up in just minutes while the base stays cool. Bonus – no need to transport or rely on heavy propane or gas canisters that might be empty as this little gem uses a small piece of wood for fuel. Tuck in a pair of season tickets to see his favorite team and Santa will be kissing you all night!

10- Leather Head Vintage Football

For the man who has everything and loves to toss around a football while watching the game or talking on the phone, this USA handmade, high-quality leather ball looks and smells like extraordinary old leather.

No matter how many times he shakes, smells, or tumbles his gift, he will never guess what’s inside this time. That merry box under the tree with his name on it may look like just another pair of PJs or a rolled up belt, but get the camera ready – he is about to unwrap a very memorable Kodak moment!

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Published December 2012

Client: Do It Tennis

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